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What is CloudMigrate?

CloudMigrate will help you move your existing applications to the cloud so you can take advantage of the latest advances in cloud computing without having to rewrite everything from scratch as the first step.

CloudMigrate will move your application through the 3Rs of cloud migrations - Rehosting, Replatforming and of course, Re-Architecting.

Born Free

Business applications optimized for AWS, GCP and Azure

Cloud is more than just an infrastructure or hosting provider. It is a platform which provides advantages that would have been unthinkable a few years back. To gain those advantages, applications need to be written with cloud specific technologies in mind. Learn more about these technologies and how they can benefit your next application.

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Application Monitoring as a Service

Once the application is moved to the cloud, we provide continuous monitoring and security operations for your mission critical applications. Our servers will monitor for all critical parameters of application performance (latency, memory usage, hung applications) and either we’ll take care of the problem or escalate to your tier 2 via alerts.

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